Julie Trotter

Atlanta doula, Julie Trotter, provides bereavement and birth support, and lactation consultations in the areas around Newnan, Peachtree City and Senoia.

Via Parent Nurture, Julie teaches parenting classes and baby basics with her in-home, private sessions or group classes in Atlanta. She is an infant care specialist serving Fayette and south metro Atlanta.

I wear many hats to serve the unique needs of the families that work with me. Read how below.


I provide birth doula support as a member of The Happiest Doulas. Our team provides many childbirth services as well as prenatal education with our 6 weeks of Birth Boot Camp, and our 3 hour private Lamaze lessons. Learn more and please tell a pregnant friend!


Many years ago, I co-owned a business that provided overnight newborn care and postpartum education. Presently, I lead a collective of registered nurses and certified infant care specialists providing parents with hands-on training to address colic and sleep issues. By combining different parenting philosophies and calming methods, the lessons help clients enjoy parenthood and get needed rest. At the next baby shower you get invited to, give the gift of sleep! 


After years of breastfeeding my own children and helping countless clients comfortably breastfeed and pump, I finally took the plunge and certified as a lactation counselor. In collaboration with Milk Drunk, I provide in-home lactation consultations to parents seeking private breastfeeding support. It can take time for a baby to unlearn a breastfeeding challenge, don't delay and get lactation help right away!